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Profile of the Center

The Center for Public Finance will support capacity development in public financial management, resource mobilization, revenue and debt, allocation and utilization of resources for delivery of goods and services via public procurement, reports and accounts for funds, outputs and results, external audit for oversight/ external accountability and the institutionalization of IFMIS. The Centre will promote networks of professionals and enter into partnership with multilateral and bilateral agencies, knowledge institutions, and peer organizations to tap the expertise of a broad range of individual experts in Public Finance.

Key Objectives of the Center

  • To promote and conduct research in matters relating to tax policy and administration, public expenditure and control, public debt  and its management, intergovernmental fiscal relations.
  • To undertake and organize training courses, seminars, workshops, and policy dialogues with a view to enhancing understanding of issues concerning public finance.
  • To forge linkages with other link minded institutions both within and outside, for undertaking collaborative research and exchange of scholars, information and publications.
  • To disseminate information on public finance by undertaking or providing for the publication of research reports, papers and a journal on financial subjects.

Programs Offered By the Center

  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Public Finance Management Course
  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • Financial Accounting, Recording and Reporting (FARR)
  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Collaborations and Partnerships

  • The Centre has maintained close functional links with the national and county governments and actively collaborates with the other KSG Centre’s of excellence, donor agencies in pursuing its research and training agenda.
  • It already has already implemented ongoing partnership arrangements running with UNICEF on Child Budgeting, UN-WOMEN on Gender Responsive Budgeting, USAID/ AHADI on Fiscal Decentralization and World Bank on PPADA, 2015.
  • The Devolution and Fiscal Decentralization curriculum has been developed in conjunction with National Treasury, USAID, Ministry of Devolution and ASAL, Commission on Revenue Allocation, Parliamentary Budget Office  and Council if Governor for ownership and inclusivity.
  • Carry out Public Expenditure Tracking Survey on the NHIF enhanced public servants scheme to inform public policy in collaboration with Ministry of Public Service
  • Collaborate with Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) to roll out Accounting Officers Program across Africa
  • Collaborate with The National Treasury to institute  Project Management Professionals Certification Course

Activities undertaken at the Center

  • Accounting Officers Program – 154 CEOs trained
  • Local Economic Development, Strategy and Project Formulation Course
  • Resource Management, Wealth Creation and Revenue Generation course
  • Carried out research on the Uptake of 30% procurement preference scheme in the Counties.
  • Policy brief developed on Uptake of 30% procurement preference scheme in the Counties.
  • Carried out Skills Audit and Master plan for Ministry of Health
  • Management of Public Enterprises Curriculum
  • Devolution and Fiscal Decentralization- Clerks from The Senate and County Assemblies trained
  • 30% procurement preference scheme-Curriculum developed and standardized in conjunction with other government agencies and  roll out done in campus
  • Linking policy, planning and budgeting course – Rolled out to 22 counties supported by USAID/AHADI
  • Gender responsive budgeting and Child friendly budgeting incorporated in SMC and SLDP Curricular.
  • Sensitization on Public Investment Management in conjunction with National Treasury and AFRITAC-East