Ogopa FC glitch: Ogopa FC, not so feared in this encounter, was humbled over the weekend

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: February 22, 2021

Ogopa FC glitch: Ogopa FC, not so feared in this encounter, was humbled over the weekend

By Sharon Ngina

The Betway Cup dates were set for February 13 and 14, 2021. The memories of an impressive run for KSG Ogopa FC, in the previous campaign, were suddenly rekindled and hopes of a better performance came alive -hopes of making it to the round of 16. They were, indeed, high.

The draw was done setting KSG Ogopa FC against familiar foes: Dimba Patriots, a team they had locked horns with in a friendly match before, although the latter won.

Motivated by three consecutive league wins, the spirit of KSG Ogopa FC in the training sessions was unmatched. The big match was slated for February 13, 2021, a day before the much anticipated Valentine’s Day – a perfect opportunity for KSG Ogopa to give the passionate fans an awesome gift: A pre-valentine’s win.

Coach John Kamara was confident with the quality of the team he was taking into the game. No one would have imagined the worst or even doubted the KSG Ogopa credentials. Everything was set for the encounter that was to ensue. Ogopa FC started off brightly and should have been put ahead within the first 10 mins with Eric Wainaina coming close to scoring after being put through to goal by Manji Gimsay.

Manji was, unfortunately, tackled down by Dimba Patriots’ defender, Vincent Wanyama but the referee waved the game on, much to the chagrin and amusement of Ogopa FC Coach and fans. A few minutes later, Manji had another opportunity to score, but his effort was tamed. Against the run of play, Dimba Patriots winger, Byron Lukale aka ‘Kante’, was put through to goal and he made no mistake, scoring sublimely in the bottom right corner. Two minutes later, Dimba Patriots added another goal, after some fine exchange of passes coupled with defensive lapses from Ogopa FC defense.

The game that had been on a fine balance had suddenly been tilted. Effectively, Dimba Patriots had turned the game on its head and were threatening to pull away. Just before the jubilant Dimba Patriots fans could settle, Ogopa FC defender Antony Mwanjala, brought down Dimba Patriots striker Antony Baraza and without hesitation the referee pointed to the spot. The Dimba Patriots striker Mr. Baraza made no mistake, sending the Ogopa FC goalkeeper, William Maina the wrong way.

On the 25th minute, Coach Kamara opted to bring in his Captain, Brian Kizzah, after a long term injury that had put him out in the last three matches. The Captain’s presence offered a glimmer of hope to the dejected fans and the playing unit. However, not much action took place after the substitution. The first half ended 0:3 in favour of Dimba Patriots.

The second half started on a high note and Ogopa FC pushed for a goal in order to bring the balance to their favour. However, Dimba Patriots successfully thwarted every attempt that Ogopa FC made as they hoped to secure a goal. Regrettably, as the clock ticked away, so did Ogopa FC’s hope of getting back to the game diminish. The hope grew slimmer as the light got dimmer.

Again, for one more time, Manji was put through to goal but he could not beat the Dimba Patriots goalkeeper Samwel Mogaka, who saved his shot, much to the frustration of the Ogopa FC fraternity.

In the 75th minute, Dimba Patriots launched a counter attack and successfully put the ball on the back of Ogopa FC net to make it 0:4. Ogopa FC Coach Kamara, made a couple of other changes, at least to try and get some consolation to no avail. Instead, in the 79th minute, Ogopa FC defender hacked Dimba Patriots player Antony Baraza down and he was handed matching orders for the tackle.

In the 86th minute, Dimba Patriots, who were now firmly in control of the game, scored their fifth goal. It was a humiliating loss for Ogopa FC that no one could have predicted.

The team now turns its attention on the league matches where they are yet to lose a game, perhaps for a chance to prove that the match was just, but a glitch, in their quest for medals and title this season.