Maiden online SLDP class kicks off

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: July 25, 2020

Maiden online SLDP class kicks off

By  Gabriel Odhyambo

The role of a 21st Century leader is to serve others and not to be served. Participants in the maiden online Strategic Leadership Development Program (SLDP), through the Mombasa Campus, have been urged to demonstrate servant leadership upon graduation.

“The first group to go through this online training is expected to set the pace for other groups of the participants who will come on board,” said the School Director in charge of the e-Learning and Development institute (eLDi) Mr. Joseph Ndung’u.

The Director, who made the remarks during the opening session of the maiden SLDP online class conducted through a webinar, challenged the participants on the significance of the training that will demonstrate some differentiation and brand themselves as leaders.

The Campus Director Dr. Tom Wanyama termed the program a journey for managers and policy makers to discover and confirm whether they are indeed the leaders that the country has been waiting for, or looking for.

“There is no other leader who is expected to make this country great other than you, who are a part of this program. You will be joining a pool of many others who have gone through the same program and are already playing their role. However, there is a gap waiting for you to fill. I urge you to approach the program with that understanding and with that attitude,” Dr. Wanyama said.

The Director, further, noted that leadership is not about visibility but dependability, especially in times of crisis like now when the world is struggling with the Coronavirus disease, which has now lasted for four months in Kenya and for over half a year in other countries.

“Many things have happened, what is the situation in those countries? Can the citizens look at the leadership and say they have led them well through this crisis? How are you performing and acting as a leader in your organization?” Dr. Wanyama poised. According to him, the program should make participants dependable at all times and seasons.

The Director challenged the participants to take advantage of the flexibility of the online program to get the best out of it.

“The flexibility of the online class allows you to be in class everywhere, anywhere, and at anytime. You are in class while on journey, you are in class while in your house, and you are in class everywhere, even in the office,” he enthused.

The Deputy Director Learning and Development Mr. Andrew Rori informed the participants that the program anticipates to enhance strategic thinking and leadership and the ability to discuss strategic positions in their organizations.

The program, he added, will also enable them to analyze performance improvement techniques, plan change programs for implementation in their organizations and to assess the requirements in terms of personal character development.

Noting that the Strategic Leadership Development Program is one of the senior most programs in the School, Mr. Rori urged the participants to improve their role in policy making and leadership.

Indeed, the program was designed to enhance strategic thinking, leadership skills and competencies, performance management, and capabilities in leading organizational change initiatives.

This was necessitated by the unanticipated environmental changes in the form of international competition, amazing breakthrough in technology, cultural diversity, group dynamism, unwholesome competition, emergence of knowledge empowered workforce, and many other factors which apply pressure on leaders to find advanced ways for managing the future of their organizations.

The School opted for the online training after bringing to a halt all face to face learning in adherence to government directive on containment of the spread of the Coronavirus disease. This meant that SLDP and other courses had to be suspended thereby greatly disadvantaging those who would like to improve their management and leadership skills especially during this time of crisis.

The School, subsequently, moved with speed to make use of the eLearning and Development Institute to offer trainings online. This was pioneered with a Supervisory Skills Development Course followed by Senior Management Course and now all is set for SLDP and other programs.

“Once you have gone through this program, you are expected to nurture leadership skills and competencies, utilize appropriate performance improvement strategies, participate in evaluation of adherence to standards of professionalism, lead change initiatives in your organizations and demonstrate positive values and personal character,” Mr. Rori said in conclusion.