Letangule: Arms of government must work harmoniously

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: February 23, 2021

Letangule: Arms of government must work harmoniously

By Faith Jeptaunet

County Assemblies form a critical organ in the dispensation of government agenda and must work cordially with the other government structures to realize set goals, Kenya School of Government Baringo Campus Director, Dr. Solomon Letangule, has said. The Director has called on the arms of government to work harmoniously in their quest to improve service delivery.

He expressed concern that a split in government usually hurts devolution and delays long-term goals. The Director made these remarks when he addressed Kericho County Assembly Service Board staff who had enrolled for a Senior Management Course at the Campus.

According to him, the supremacy battle between government organs causes gridlock in the implementation of initiatives that could benefit citizens. He urged all public servants in the executive, judiciary and parliament to complement each other in their contribution to the transformation of the public service.

The Director underscored the need for continuous capacity building of both County Assembly members and staff to facilitate set objectives.

“The School has gone further to develop numerous training programs specifically targeting county assemblies. Therefore, I urge all counties to take up these programs so as to create a greater understanding of service delivery and implementation of government agenda,” he posited.

Kericho County Assembly Speaker Mr. Dominic Rono, in his address, enlightened the participants on the program objectives such as inculcating decision-making and problem solving skills to the learners.

Mr. Rono celebrated the program, saying it is designed to include performance management aspects, adding that the public was demanding excellent service delivery.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a greater way,” he advised the participants.

Mr. Rono reiterated that mentoring and coaching remained crucial in ensuring institutional memory and nurturing positive posterity behaviour.

A County Assembly Service Board member, Ms. Jane Yegon, who spoke on behalf of her colleagues, appreciated the School for playing her rightful role in ensuring that all public servants are broadly knowledgeable and well equipped to deliver on the government promises.

“Going back to books is refreshing; it strengthens your capacity and capability towards service delivery improvement. In my own assessment, this School has played its unparalleled role excellently. The ball is in your court,” she concluded.