Celebrating our customers: KSG values you and because of that we say thank you

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: October 12, 2020

Celebrating our customers: KSG values you and because of that we say thank you

By Douglas Mochama

In this year’s Customer Service Week, across the School campuses, the message from both the Council and Management has been one: Appreciating the staff for good performance and the reminder to raise the bar in service delivery.

Established in 1984 by the International Customer Service Association, and subsequently endorsed by the United States Congress as an annual event in 1992, the relevance of the week long event has grown in both the public and private sectors . Today, organizations recognize the noble role of customer service by forging a renewed commitment of delighting in their clientele.

Most countries, including Kenya, mark the international event in pomp and colour yearly.

This year, the Kenya School of Government registered its participation in the global event which ran from the 5th to 9th of October, 2020 by undertaking a host of on-site activities across the campuses solely to appreciate the stakeholders for their contribution to the realization of the mandate of the School.

The School also seized the opportunity to increase awareness of its products during the event.

This was done through scheduling activities such as mounting exhibition desks, sharing of appreciation notes with both the staff and course participants throughout the week.

In Baringo, the event coincided with the reopening of regular courses and meetings since their suspension in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, hence it was an opportune moment to delight the clients throughout the week.

Baringo Campus marked the Customer Service Week on a high note with a message for the entire staff to put their best foot forward towards continuity of excellent service delivery. The celebration culminated in a staff get-together where management urged all to continue to give excellent service beyond the Customer Service Week.

Staff were urged to reflect upon the tremendous achievements the School had recorded previously. Baringo Campus Director, Dr. Solomon Letangule, thanked them for enabling the School to realize set targets.

“As I look upon our previous achievements, my thoughts turn gratefully to those who have worked tirelessly to ensure that KSG torch of excellence continues to shine,” said Dr. Letangule.

The Director termed the occasion a great opportunity for gauging the level of service delivery and obtaining client feedback that would help the School improve in its operations.

Urging staff to brace themselves for even harder work, the Director remained upbeat that the green light to resume regular learning would enable the School to achieve pre-set targets.

“This event provides the opportunity to reflect together and map out how to improve from what has so far been achieved. Let us, therefore, put our best foot forward to sustain the envisaged performance through increased business,” Dr. Letangule told the staff.

The acting Deputy Director Mr. Charles Onkundi, disclosed to the gathering during the get together that the School values customer feedback in evaluating the service delivery portfolio.

“Through this avenue, we can harness valuable data in a bid to inform management decisions on where to prioritize improvement and if need be, re-engineer service delivery,” said Mr. Onkundi.