We are open: KSG given green light for in-person training

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: October 5, 2020

We are open: KSG given green light for in-person training

By Douglas Mochama and Celestine Jepkirui

The Kenya School of Government has attained the Health and Education ministries COVID-19 requirements and guidelines necessary to warrant a phased re-opening for the face to face meetings. This followed an assessment by officers from the Ministry of Health, Education and the Directorate of Health Services under the Division of Environmental Health for Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

The assessment, which took place in mid-September, was under the leadership of Margaret Sunguti from NMS (Lower Kabete) and Agnes Chesire from Baringo Central Sub-County Public Health Officer (Baringo Campus).

The assessment was undertaken in compliance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the State Department for Vocational and Technical Training. The officers were impressed that the School has installed and is implementing most of the guidelines meant to curb the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

KSG attained an impressive score of 89 per cent, with Baringo Campus performing even more exemplary (99 percent). The School was therefore granted a green light to reopen for face to face training and meetings.

Director General Prof. Ludeki Chweya received the assessment report terming it a reflection of staff effort in helping the government and the country at large to keep COVID-19 at bay.

“As a government agency, it is our responsibility to implement government protocols and I thank staff for their effort to ensure that the School becomes an institution in regard to compliance with the COVID-19 protocols,” said Prof. Chweya.

According to the Ministry of Education’s grading checklist, a score between 60 and 96 is rated as good and means the institution is ready for re-opening as it has met most of the requirements and continues to improve.

On the other hand a score of 42 to 59 is rated as fair and will mean that an institution has met some of the requirements and continues to improve, however, a second or a third assessment is required where necessary for it to be authorised to re-open. Anything below 41 is graded as poor.

“The Kenya School of Government has managed to implement most of the MoH guidelines despite the recommendations which should be integrated together with the already existing measures,” said Ms. Sunguti.

She directed that the School is ready for re-opening as it has met most of the requirements and can proceed to issue a re-opening calendar. Her Baringo Central counterpart, Mrs. Chesire gave a similar directive in respect to Baringo Campus.

She said: “As per the sanitary inspection carried out, the Kenya School of Government Baringo Campus meets the minimum health requirements and, therefore, can continue to operate with continued strict adherence to the COVID-19 health protocols.

Right from the main entrances to the School, and the campuses across the country, taps with running water have been installed with provision of liquid soap for hand washing, temperature check stations and data harvest points where KSG officers register all those who visit the School, their mission and contact details.

Further, the School has clearly displayed COVID-19 posters with information about the disease and the preventive measures including the requirement to always wear face masks in offices, lecture rooms, hostels, conferences, auditoriums, all of which have social distance markings on the floors and sitting arrangements.

Sanitizers have been strategically placed to supplement the hand washing. There are also fully equipped hand washing points at every building at the School with availability of supplementary equipment should numbers surge.

Prof. Chweya disclosed that in its preparedness journey, the School had to disinfect the entire facility such as hospitality areas, lecture rooms, offices, and conference areas besides establishing measures that have to be observed by all staff, participants and visitors at all times so as to defeat this unseen monster.

In addition, the School has set aside temporary isolation rooms, in case of any suspicious case, employed a health officer who teams up with staff to screen visitors and regularly sensitizes staff on COVID 19 health guidelines.

Earlier, in August, during a visit to Baringo Campus to assess the School preparedness to continue offering services amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the Principal Secretary in the State Department for Public Service, Mary Kimonye, strongly hinted at the possible resumption of face to-face learning at the institution.

She expressed gratitude that the School had put in place mechanisms to implement President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive for continuity of government services.

“I am glad that the School has many online programs. Most of these programs have already been very successful. Very soon, we will be able to go back to the classroom,” said Mrs. Kimonye.

Indeed, as part of ensuring safety of staff and visitors, the School embarked on preventive strategies in the fight against Coronavirus key among them being establishment of coronavirus response committees across the campuses.