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Human Resource Planning and Succession Management Strategies for the Public Service.

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Year of Publication2017
DescriptionPlanning for succession management is crucial in order to develop a pool of potential successors and encourage a culture that supports knowledge sharing and transfer in the public service. This is a challenge faced by both National and County Governments due to several factors including an aging workforce, shortage of staff, skills flight and brain drain, particularly in professional and technical cadres.
The main objective of the Strategy is to initiate a proactive process involving critical workforce positions by developing a pool of potential successors and the interventions made in this report will ensure that the public service:
  • embraces change as part of the talent retention and succesion planning strategy
  • has the right number of staff in the right places and at teh right time with the right skills, knowledge and attributes to perform various roles efficiently and effectively
  • mainstreams Human Resource Planning (HRP) in all ministries and departments
  • assists individuals realize their career plans and aspirations within the public service
This Strategy presents a comprehensive direction on implementation of succession management in the public service.

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