Kimonye urges School to revisit HR symposium

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: December 20, 2020

Kimonye urges School to revisit HR symposium

By Ephline Okoth

The Kenya School of Government has been tasked to sustainably run the Annual Human Resource Conference that was initiated two years ago. The Principal Secretary in the State Department for Public Service Mrs. Mary Kimonye says that bringing together directors and deputies of human resource in the public service facilitates transformative discourse on matters of the profession.

The PS said that the forum will provide an adequate avenue for the human resource practitioners to dialogue on what ails the profession as well as to identify capacity building gaps to be addressed.

Mrs. Kimonye was speaking at the School during a workshop for the heads of human resource where she decried notable increasing frustration among some members of the public service which is attributed to issues such as dissatisfaction with payroll management.

The PS indicated that the strikes experienced among public servants are as a result of frustrations with matters of HR which is a responsibility of the practitioners.

“There has been frustration with the function of HR among some public servants. Frequent strikes and dissatisfaction with payroll management are just some issues that are raised. We need to address why people are dissatisfied with matters of HR,” posited Mrs. Kimonye, calling on the heads to look for tangible solutions to the challenges.

“As HR professionals, we are the advisers of the government on matters HR together with the Kenya School of Government whose mandate also entails providing advisory services. We need to discuss issues with sobriety, without constant blame and criticism of one another,” said Mrs. Kimonye.

Mrs. Kimonye hinted that the symposium for the directors and deputy directors could be integrated with performance management and measurement where the outcomes will be assessed in order to realize continuous improvement.

Further, the PS urged the practitioners to follow the standards of the profession, and to be proud of what they do.

KSG Director General Prof. Ludeki Chweya accentuated the importance of the human resource profession to the public service.

“Human Resource is a very demanding, critical, and strategic function in departments and ministries. Other operations depend on how well the HR function is performed,” said Prof. Chweya.

He added: “Laws and policies are effected through the people. Human resource, therefore, provides facilitation, empowerment, and control for the people to deliver effectively and efficiently on their mandate using the resources at their disposal. There is need to achieve more for less.”

The Director General also urged the HR professionals to perform this critical function with utmost professionalism.

“The centrality of HR in management of public service is absolute. The morale of staff is important in the public service. Therefore, we must critically look into the system of promotion, fairness and resolution of stagnation,” said Prof. Chweya.

He informed the meeting of the School focus on continuous learning for transformation of the public service, which necessitated the introduction of the symposium for heads of human resource.