Kenya to train Somalia civil service: KSG tasked to establish a Somalia School of Management and Public Administration

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: September 14, 2020

Kenya to train Somalia civil service: KSG tasked to establish a Somalia School of Management and Public Administration

By Pauline Ngurukie 

Kenya has been tasked to lead in the capacity development of all government officers of the Federal Government of Somalia. The Kenya School of Government (KSG) has subsequently been designated as the agency to execute the role given that it is solely established for this mandate.

The School has embarked on the assignment and proposes to establish a Somalia School of Management and Public Administration at the Somalia National University with a mandate to build capacity of the Somalia Civil Service.

KSG has been awarded this contract, which is supported by the World Bank, to provide technical assistance in public administration and institutional management for successful continuity and effective delivery of services in Somalia.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the Federal Government of Somalia and the Kenya School of Government have agreed to cooperate and collaborate in order to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in the assignment.

KSG seeks to bring together the Somalia School of Management and Public Administration, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the National Civil Service Commission, to work closely as it leads in development of programs and curricula for the Federal Government of Somalia Civil Service.

As per the signed MoU, the areas of collaboration include: to build the civil service in an effort of ‘peace building and state building’ in both the State Government of Puntland and the Federal Government of Somalia, re establish the Public Administration School, and develop training programs and curricula designed for the Somalia civil service.

Kenya School of Government Director General Prof. Ludeki Chweya observes that despite contract negotiations having taken long, the work that has gone on in ensuring that Somalia Capacity Injection Project begun successfully is commendable.

Prof. Chweya has assured the Federal Government of Somalia of continued commitment, diligence and professional delivery of the contractual agreement by the School.

“At the School, it is all systems go in as far as executing this task is concerned. We are determined to deliver with finesse which the School is known for,” assured Prof. Chweya.

Somalia Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Mr. Sadik Warfaa, noted that the partnership is critical in establishment of the School of Management and Public Administration at Somalia National University.

The Minister took great delight over the finalization of the contract negotiation and was confident that through the Federal Government of Somalia civil servants are set to benefit from the project.

“This is a historical partnership. The mandate spelt out for both institutions spells success to Somalia civil servants. I look forward to successful implementation of this project,” said Mr. Warfaa.

The World Bank gave a green light to the Somalia Capacity Injection Project in 2015 with the objective to build civil servants capacity through re-establishment of a public administration school in Somalia.

The development partners continue to support the rebuilding of the Somalia National University (SNU). However, due to historical challenges faced by the state of Somalia, at some point, it became an uphill task to restore an efficient and effective public service.

The government has, however, seen the need to develop capacity of he civil service. Indeed, a directive from the Office of the Prime Minister supported by the Somali Capacity Injection Project roots for the same course.