From us to you: Thank you for the opportunity to serve you

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: October 12, 2020

From us to you: Thank you for the opportunity to serve you

By Celestine Jepkirui

A gesture of appreciation does not have to be a physical gift. A simple ‘thank you’ is known to go a long way towards improving morale, retaining valuable staff members and keeping clients coming back.

Indeed, available research shows that more than 20 per cent of employees indicate that if they do not feel recognized for doing good work, they start applying for a different job compared with 12 per cent of employees who feel recognized.

The Kenya School of Government management considered the following questions in coming up with this year’s Customer Service Week program of activities: When is the last time a client, a boss or a co-worker gave you a handwritten thank you note to say you were doing a good job? What about a client? Has one ever slipped you a gift card worth the price of a cup of fancy coffee just to show you their appreciation?

The gesture, in all likelihood, might even have prompted you to keep up the good work.

You might have thought back to that gesture when you toyed with moving to a different organization. It made you feel good. The School, therefore, implored staff to take liberty over the week to appreciate their colleagues whom they felt were doing great work with hand written notes.

Various activities characterized the celebration of the Customer Service Week across the School over the last five days. It became evident that it is the simple things that mean a lot to people.

In Lower Kabete, participants and other visitors were treated to a rare standing ovation with applause on Monday as they proceeded to the eatery hall.

Many could not believe that a government institution was doing this for them.

Additionally, they were given a short note that read: “Dear beloved participants! Welcome once again to the Kenya School of Government. We commend and appreciate you for choosing to enhance your professional development with us. As a School, we remain grateful for your support, you being a very significant stakeholder towards the realization of our mandate. We cannot achieve our mandate without the support of stakeholders like you.’’

To the staff, feeling recognized was equally rewarding as they received branded wrist bands. A select few who were engaged in activities like departmental exhibition received t-shirts and short thank you notes which were distributed among them by the School administration at their work place to boost their morale.

A two day internal exhibition from each department brought together staff where they got to interact over their operations, information, functions and roles.

The week would not have been complete without the Communications Team taking photos of staff in every department and sharing them on the social media channels.

To the School, this year’s Customer Service Week is all about celebrating the extraordinary effort pulled together from all staff and stakeholders especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has helped build strong bonds, brought about successes, and accomplishments. This, the School believes, will help reenergize the team to deliver the best possible service for the remaining part of the year 2020 and the rest of the time until the next Customer Service Week.