Embu Campus ‘Dream Team’ appreciated

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: October 12, 2020

Embu Campus ‘Dream Team’ appreciated

By Celestine Jepkirui

Embu Campus staff and clients had a motivated week full of smiles that expressed their satisfaction for being appreciated, recognized and valued.

The Campus Director Dr. Ann Kang’ethe embraced this year’s ‘Dream Team’, which is the Customer Service Week theme, to express her gratitude to both the staff of the Campus and the clients.

The team leader of the great and devoted KSG Embu Campus Team, the Director visited all the stations where she verbally expressed her appreciation to the employees and wrote down her compliments in the departments’ complains and compliments book.

In a conversation with the writer, the Director admitted that this is a golden opportunity to recognize teamwork, dedication and exemplary behaviour by the staff that has, in return, enabled the Campus to achieve the mandate of the School.

“During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have observed a Team that is outstanding and always passionate about what it does. We all supported and encouraged each other in embracing the new normal which enabled us to continue delivering our services successfully amidst the challenges. This is a Team worth celebrating and appreciating,” Dr. Kang’ethe confessed.

As part of expressing gratitude, the team visited all the groups of participants that were within the Campus during the Customer Service Week.

A pleasant surprise of a standing ovation and issuing of an appreciation certificate was done for every team.

Mr. James Ndung’u, an officer from the County Government of Murang’a, gladly admitted that it is an overwhelming experience which made them feel valued, respected and wanted.

“It might have seemed like a disturbance but it turned out to be a satisfying moment to us. We are, indeed, contented with the excellent service we have received and are proud to be associated with KSG which has greatly shaped us as civil servants,” Mr. Ndung’u said.

The group also noted the effort by the Campus to observe COVID–19 prevention guidelines especially the constant temperature monitoring. Speaking on behalf an audit team, Ms. Catherine Wahome, a Principal Legal Counsel at the Kenya Law Reform Commission, said that they were mesmerized by the act of recognition and appreciation.

“Appreciation is a rare gesture which can only be expressed by strong persons. This means KSG is made of strong personalities. We had a chance to interact with some of the staff from all the campuses when we conducted the audit, and I can firmly confirm that their customer service skills are on another level. But all said and done, Embu Campus is our destination of choice any day any time,” Ms. Wahome proudly said.

The Campus employees who took up the spirit of teamwork in preparation for a prosperous customer service week were also treated to an executive luncheon which they shared with the participants. This was the climax of Customer Service Week celebration which was marked with cake cutting and a dance of the now popular ‘Jerusalema Dance’.

Head of Hospitality Mr. Bernard Rajwais confirmed that customer service is not only to be practiced by officers at the front office but every staff.

A customer is not only an external client but also the colleague in the work place.

According to him, how a customer is handled determines the future business opportunities and the loyalty of an institution by its stakeholders. He remained categorical that when the internal customers are appreciated, they feel motivated thus boosted morale and enhanced solidarity.

“Putting yourself in the ‘shoes’ of a customer and offering service to others as one wishes services were offered to them, is the secret to great customer service. It is gratifying to always do the best without expecting any form of extra appreciation. Nonetheless, let us learn to appreciate each other,” Mr. Rajwais enlightened.

On her part, Mercy Ng’ang’a, one of the drivers at the Campus seemed convinced that everyone should create a passion to happily serve and respect both the internal and external customer.

“Maintaining eye contact with a person to read the mood determines how you interact with the customer. This Customer Service Week has been very pleasant with warm interaction among the staff and the clients especially when dining together. This should be done more often to establish and maintain motivated customers,” Ms. Ng’ang’a said.

The chauffer rightly concluded that in any organization, employees’ opinions should be valued just as that of outside clients.