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Bio of the Center

Devolution is now a reality in Kenya. Having elected into office the entire leadership of the devolved structures, the task ahead, as a country, is to ensure that all the governance structures of devolution work. The Kenya School of Government has the mandate to facilitate public service capacity building.

The devolution center is a center to enable KSG to coordinate, capture, organize, and store devolution capacity building activities which include training, research, and consultancies.  The Center facilitates knowledge acquisition that facilitates better comprehension of devolution in the public administration and paves the way for taking up appropriate interventions to improve governance standards which in turn would help improve the delivery of public services to Kenyans.

The devolution center has four thematic areas:

1. Coordination of Capacity Building Initiatives

The center will be the coordination center for capacity building activities which include training, research, and consultancy. The devolution center will be designed to institutionalize the devolution process.

2. Knowledge Management Center

A knowledge hub management and dissemination center for print and electronic information on devolution in Kenya and information on decentralization and devolution elsewhere globally. CDS hoses an e-center platform for e-learning modules and other relevant devolution material Research, Consultancy and Policy Development.

A Think Tank for devolution at to carry out research and consultancy to inform public policy and devolution. Research and policy analysis to buttress and strengthen good governance and devolution in Kenya. The CDS will actively engage in shaping public policy, advising governments.

3. Collaborations and Partnerships

The devolution center will work collaboratively and support relationships with key stakeholders in the devolution process. Provide a network of key collaborating institutions to promote a collaborative approach in transformative public service.

4. How CDS Relates to the Core Mandate of the Kenya School of Government

The Center complements the mandate of the Kenya School of Government in providing learning and development programmes to build capacity for the public service, provide training, consultancy and research services that inform public policy, provide intellectual support to parliamentary and county assembly committees on matters of policy design and evaluation, promote national development and instill high standards of competence, and integrity in the public service, in establishing superior professional networks and linkages with renowned schools of government and international centers of learning  across the world.