Customer care tops KSG priority areas

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: July 25, 2020

Customer care tops KSG priority areas

By Mary Njenga

Customer loyalty follows deliberate and excellent customer care. Such action builds and enhances an institution’s public image and is consequential to improved performance. Customer care knowledge and skills are vital in the hospitality industry.

The Kenya School of Government is keen on the need to master effective communication with customers to create a positive impression and, maintain a high level of customer service standards. A conversation with the KSG Principal Hospitality Officer stationed in Embu Campus, Mr. Benard Rajwais, confirmed this School philosophy.

“To the School, a customer is a person in need of assistance. A reason for the job we have. A customer is not an interruption to one’s job,” he said.

Hospitality is taking care of guests and anticipating their needs and attending to them with bounty and friendliness, Mr. Rajwais says and adds that hospitality workers must have a strong desire to serve others with an amiable attitude and excellent skills.

Catering and housekeeping sections are under the hospitality industry which plays an enormous role of creating and maintaining positive organizational image. The hospitality staff should always be guest-centric by developing products and services that meet and exceed customer needs.

According to Mr. Rajwais, staff in such sections need to identify individuals with their preferences and always listen to the customer considering that the customer is always right.

He further said that guestology – a term that was originated by Bruce Laval of The Walt Disney, which means that all the organizations’ employees must treat customers like guests and manage the organization from the guest point of view – is a matter taken seriously by KSG.

He maintains that since one might not get a second chance to create a first impression, KSG must always get it right the first time. He termed this a golden rule that explains the nature of the consequence of interaction with a customer after the first time. He is from the school of thought that people make judgments in the first 30 seconds of interaction.

“Confidence, competence, followup, warmth and confidentiality are some of the traits that play a key role in forming the first impression.

A warm welcome to a guest spreads the spirit of hospitality. It is contagious! As it often said, a smile alone does not guarantee excellent customer service, but excellent customer service always starts with a smile,” Mr. Rajwais admitted.

In conclusion, the hospitality chief shared the ten customer service rules stated below:

Appearance: First impression lasts longer, be professional.
Attitude: Make it positive.
Commitment: Pledge to service and team work.
Friendliness: Be generous, give smiles unconditionally.
Impressions: What is left in the room after I leave.
Communication: Active listening and positive responses.
Response ability: Take action and exceed customer expectations.
Team thinking: My actions affect everyone in my organization.
Service: personal commitment to make a difference.
Personal excellence: KSG is a center of Excellence, believe to make a difference and offer only but the best.