Induction Course


Officers entering the Public Service are often confronted with serious challenges including lack of reliable information about the service in general, reluctance by serving officers to mentor and coach them in all aspects of heir job requirements. In trying to confront these challenges, the new officer sometimes makes serious mistakes that sometimes becomes a de-motivator and scares their personal initiative to do well. This course is therefore designed to enable the new officers to not only enable them understand the public service and the exceptions of their job, but also build their confidence to contribute more effectively to their new employer. The course shall expose the learner to the ideal public service culture and ethics, the history and the future direction of public service delivery hence preparing the inductees to fit within any sector of he public service during their tour of duty.

Target Group

Newly recruited officers in the public service.

Learning Objectives

On completion, participants should be able to:

  • Contextualize their appointment in public service delivery
  • Describe their role in government development strategy
  • Apply public service regulations and practices in service delivery to citizens
  • Model an ethical public servant
  • Share government information without jeopardizing national security.

Content Areas

  • Evolution of the Public Service
  • Government development strategy
  • Public service reform agenda and performance management
  • Public ethics and values
  • Overview of public procurement and financial regulations and practices
  • Politics and public service delivery
  • Public service comunication
  • Protective security
  • Customer care/citizen focused service delivery

Benefits of attending

By the end of the program, a participant will have understood the public service policy framework. Human Resource Development