Masters of Public Administration (MPA)


The  Master of Public  Administration  (MPA)  programme is  designed  to  benefit  and tap  the experiences of practitioners currently working in the Kenyan public service and from other organisations.
The programme also targets public servants and other interested individuals from  other  countries  in  the  region  and  beyond. As  a  needs-
based  programme,  it  enables students to acquire requisite  knowledge and skills to improve their performance in public service and develop insights and skills needed to plan, formulate, execute policy, as well as to monitor and evaluate.

The  programme  has  been  developed  in  consultation  with  the  key  stakeholders  in  Kenya’s public  service,  namely  the  Ministry  of  State  for  Public  Service  and the  Kenya  School  of Government  (KSG). The  programme  shall  be  jointly  coordinated  by  the  Department  of Political  Science  and  Public  Administration  at  the  University  of  Nairobi and  the  KSG. KSG has  recently  signed  a  Memorandum  of  Understanding  (MOU)  with  the  University  to  that effect. For  purposes  of  quality  assurance,  the  programme shall  be  run  in  conformity  with regulations governing University of Nairobi academic programmes

The  MPA  programme  has  been  developed  in  response  to  the increasing  demand  for  an efficient, effective, accountable  and   representative   public  service  in light  of  the fast changing  economic,  social  and  political  environment  in  Kenya  and  in  the  international milieu. Indeed,  in  the  past  decade,  many  public  sector  reforms have  been  initiated  and implemented  with  a  view  to  making  public  service  instrumental  in making  the  country positively  adjust  to the new demands generated by changes in the domestic and international arena.  In particular, the successful implementation of the Kenya Constitution  2010, Vision  2030 and the all-important documents that now  form  the basis for development  policy  making  and  implementation, depends,  to  a large  extent,  on  the  public service.

As  Kenyans  endeavour  to  fulfill  vision 2030,  there  is  the  need  to  retrain  and  re-equip the current crop of officers as well as those who have
 just joined or intend to join the service  with  the  necessary  conceptual  and  analytical  tools  to  analyse,  formulate  and conduct policies.

Target Group

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