Ngilu: Counties should aim for self-reliance

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: February 17, 2021

Ngilu: Counties should aim for self-reliance

By Gabriel Odhyambo

It is time county governments de- vised ways of being financially self ing entirely on resources allocat- -reliant rather than depended from the national government, Kitui County Governor Mrs. Charity Ngilu has said.

According to Governor Ngilu, since the introduction of devolution in Kenya, there have been resources coming from the national government. However, she argues that counties should not sit and wait for such money but use the resources as a start-up to jumpstart economic activates in their jurisdictions.

This, she says, will create more capital with the aim of becoming financially sustainable.

The Governor made the remarks at Mombasa Campus, when she presided over the opening ceremony for an Induction workshop for newly recruited Kitui County Chief Executive Committee Members (CECMs).

“When we talk about the women empowerment fund, for example, this is money meant for women to start their businesses and pay back to assist more people. We need to move in the same direction as a County,” she suggested.

She challenged the CECMs to take advantage of the training at KSG to ensure that the ministries they are in charge of are properly functioning.

“This training should not just be a talk show. We must come up with targets to be implemented for us to iron out the things that make Kitui County not move as fast as it should,” she said.

The Governor then called upon the County Chief Executive Committee Members to change their mindset.

“As a government, we have become dependent on the money we receive from partners, donors and loans to run our business. We even forget that we are able to raise our own resources. This is a mindset problem and unfortunately, an issue not only affecting the national government but the county governments including Kitui,” she explained.

According to her, if a private entity receives Ksh10 billion, which the counties have been receiving, they will ensure the money pays itself and help others to develop. She appealed to the members to find the missing link in Kitui County Government, in specific, and in the national government in general.

“We cannot do the same things the same way and expect different results. If we do not think differently, it will not be easy to industrialize our counties and become self-reliant,” she opined.

She noted that her administration had already put in place a roadmap and things are beginning to fall in place.

“We are the only County that is currently supplying facemasks and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) to the entire country. We have employed over 700 people. This is because we think differently,” she noted.

She went on to challenge the executives to prioritize the needs of the people in Kitui in all their decisions.

“You want to work as fewer hours as possible and at the end of the day earn as much as possible. That should not be the case. We are public servants and we must sacrifice and become true servants of the people of Kitui who are our bosses,” she said.

The County Deputy Governor Mr. Gedion Nzau asked the County Executives to enhance unity in order to move Kitui County forward as they implement the results of the induction workshop.

“We should take this opportunity to bond and create working relationships to enable us deliver as one unit and have a common understanding of our mandate and the manifesto of the Governor. Let us come out with something special to deliver to our people,” said Mr. Nzau.

Mombasa Campus Deputy Director Mr. Andrew Rori assured the executives of the School commitment to partner with them to ensure that they get the best out of the training.

“We collaborated with the County leadership when designing the contents of this program just to ensure that we give attention to the areas that you need to be addressed as a County,” revealed the Deputy Director.

Mr. Rori noted that the induction program is meant to give the new County Executive Committee Members an overview of the various government functions and more so on the mandate of the County Government on service delivery to enable them meet the needs of the people.