Advice on leadership navigation

Posted by: KSG-admin Post Date: July 25, 2020

Advice on leadership navigation

By  Samuel Kumba

Dr. John Bii, acting Director at Matuga Campus, has urged public officers to be wary of detailers. The Director notes that it is by remaining attentive that officers can accomplish their set targets.

“My strategy has always been to rally my team not to lose sight of the main target. If they entertain sideshows, they will be distracted and fail to reach the desired destination. Similarly, for Matuga Campus, we have to remain focused to achieve our objectives”.

Indeed, when KSG Council earlier visited the Campus, the Director assured the members, led by the Chairman Prof. Gituro Wainaina that the Campus management is committed to make Matuga a model learning destination.

Dr. Bii’s advice is advanced by the Jubilant Stewards of Africa, an online outlet for reliable African news with an in-depth analysis of developments in business, finance, markets, politics, culture, science and technology. The team has published an interesting article about organizations and the people.

The write-up urges leaders to be aware that at one stage or the other in their business or associations, they will find themselves dealing with all manner of groups of people. This calls for wisdom to deal with these groups. These groups are analyzed below.

Thomas group
These people will walk with you but not really believe in you. God will even use you in front of them but they are not easily moved as they take time to believe. They can delay your vision and interestingly, are not aware they are also delaying themselves. It is a struggle and a burden to lead people who do not believe in you.

Judas group
They walk with you but they have issues with you when your fortunes look up. They are not happy when things of great value are given to you. In short they are jealous of your success. When elevation comes they will say “we are poor in the work place but the Boss is driving a BMW 5 Series”. They insinuate that you do not care about the poor. Hear this leaders, anyone who is jealous about your prosperity in your workplace could betray you tomorrow.

Absalom group
You give them an opportunity to teach or lead and they begin to see themselves as the leaders of the place. They believe they can teach and lead better than you. When they lead, they lead to prove a point. Such people work behind you to steal the hearts of people so that people will follow them. Eventually, they intend to make people feel neglected in your position. These are in competition with you, they believe they can be better leaders than you; they will split your followers.

Korah group
These ones will challenge your authority. They believe you are at the same level with everyone and have issues when others give you honour and have problems when you give instructions. They are rebellious and dangerous because they see you as someone who is at the same level with them and believe everyone is a professional and everyone is educated and therefore you are not special.

Ham group
These ones will expose you. The day you find yourself in a shameful act, these people will announce your weaknesses and will be happy to expose your disaster.

Gehazi group
They are with you but they will be collecting money behind your back. They take advantage of being close to the leader to collect things from people. They borrow money and do not pay back. They ask for financial assistance and make others feel as if you are not taking good care of them.

Deotrephes group
This is one dangerous group of people, famous in the workplace, group or association. These ones have power and influence and a voice amongst people. Deotrephes will speaks maliciously behind your back. They are poisonous and can come up with stories that can totally destroy your image as a leader that can cause people to leave your group and organization.

It is important, therefore, that leaders seek divine wisdom to know and deal with all these groups of people and have trustworthy followers.