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Given its strategic nature and the benefits the School stands to accrue, KSG recognizes that successful consulting requires competent consultants with the necessary competencies and tools to service the business needs of the client organizations in an effective, efficient and timely manner without compromising on both quality and content.

The KSG consultancy service portfolio spans across multiple service disciplines including but not limited to:
 Strategic and Business Plans,
 Human Resource Manuals,
 Schemes of Service,
 Board Inductions and Evaluations,
 Boards and Service Charters.
 Change Management,
 Risk Analysis,
 Team Building
 Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys and
 Skills and Competence Assessment.

To guarantee top-quality work to our clients, each engagement is completed in the context of the School’s ISO Standards with close supervision by the Director General through the office of the Director Academic Affairs.

Capacity Statement

The Center has highly skilled consultants who possesses creative, business, knowledge, intellectual capital; focus on excellence and experience to develop innovative solutions for our clients. In addition, the team has a strong local and regional orientation coupled with a hands-on approach.

The mandate of the Center

The Center for Advanced Training and Consultancy was established in 2015 with the aim of providing a one-stop solution to the various needs of the general public service and State Corporations in the area of consultancy.

Advanced Training Programs offered under the Center

Courses offered by the School through this Center include;

  1. Masters in Public Administration in collaboration with UoN.
  2. Diploma in Public Administration.
  3. Diploma in Social Work.
  4. Diploma in Project Management;
  5. Diploma in Management of Public Enterprise
  6. Diploma in Public Administration and Policy
  7. Diploma in Devolution Studies
  8. Diploma in Public Financial Management
  9. Certificate in Social Work.

Core Values

The following are our corporate values:

  • Integrity : We are committed to acting with honesty, fairness, accountability, and transparency in all our operations;
  • Customer focus : We conduct needs assessment to ensure that our products and services are relevant and meet or exceed customer expectations to our customers;
  • Professionalism : Employees of all cadres will stand ethical scrutiny by being committed to high standards of excellence in day to day issues and operations.
  • Innovation and Creativity : We shall develop new products and services for our clients through continual learning and improvement.
  • Teamwork : We promote and respect unity of purpose among staff; We respect and promote unity of purpose among staff;