Director‘s Tea connects staff, strengthens unity

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Director‘s Tea connects staff, strengthens unity

By Mary Njenga

A significant boost to employee morale, attitude, productivity and level of satisfaction is recognition and appreciation of their efforts and dedication to the vision of the organisation.

In recognition of this important aspect of human resource management, KSG Embu Campus Director Dr. Ann Kang‘ethe organized a ‘Director‘s Tea’ with an aim of bringing staff together, out of their regular work routine, to create a sense of unity and gratitude.

The Director acknowledged the synergy and dedication portrayed by staff as she expressed her contentment with the team based on the positive feedback from majority of the clients.

“It is time we celebrated ourselves for what we have achieved as a family. We have all played our different roles in support of our vision. I am proud to be part of a dream team whose members cover their colleagues‘ weaknesses with their own strengths, a team that is committed to supporting each other, as opposed to pulling others down,” the Director said.

She also admitted that the Financial Year 2020/2021 was tough due to the pandemic which disrupted operations at the School, a period that necessitated working under strict guidelines with a lot of anxiety but still having to realise annual goals.

“It has, indeed, been challenging but we have all the reasons to thank God for His favour. We have remained healthy and the Campus continues to receive clients. Let us all protect ourselves and others by getting vaccinated to enhance our immune system,” Dr. Kang‘ethe urged the staff.

Mr. Bernard Rajwais, the Principal Hospitality Officer at the Campus, disclosed that the event brought together staff with diverse personalities to enhance harmony and collegiality. He acknowledged that though KSG staff come from distinct ethnicities, cultures and professions they strive towards the same goals and objectives of the School.

“We work in different departments and sections in the same organization thus it is important to understand and appreciate each other. In any excelling organization, teamwork is the ‘hotbed’ of good performance,” he opined.

Mr. Rajwais, who is also the Chairperson of the Events Organizing Committee at Embu Campus, added that building performing teams requires deliberate efforts to capitalize more on employee strengths and less on fault finding.

“In Embu, we have unity but we have to keep motivating ourselves to better our best. The event has also served as a stress reliever especially through music and dance,” Mr. Rajwais observed.

Maryanne Nyawira, a customer care officer at the campus expressed her delight with the Directors‘ Tea event citing bonding and unwinding as what she liked the most.

“Events of these kind should be held often as they act as ‘ice breakers’ that ensure we are familiar with each other creating a friendly environment to work together,” she recommended.

Mr. Thomas Mutinda, a student from University of Embu who is on attachment in the Research, Consultancy and Advisory Section (RECAS) was thrilled to be part of the event which gave him an opportunity to mingle with all the members of staff regardless of their positions. He admired the inclusivity and appreciated opportunities offered to students to learn and serve in such a high regarded institution.

Mr. Langat Kipkirui, also a student of the University who is attached to the ICT Section noted that the function served as a platform for attendees to know each other, make new friends and reduce the tension that might exist amongst strangers.

“I have understood that management is not just about giving instructions and orders but also encouraging and motivating staff through creating a propitious workplace,” Mr. Kipkirui said.