Fundamentals of Electronic Records Management Course


This course is offered in partnership with the Kenya School of Government, eLearning and Development Institute and the Directorate of Public Service Management. This is the realization that senior managers play an important role in the successful implementation of records management system. Also, records and information management directly impact on efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Proper records management hastens the pace of decision making, hence improved service delivery. To ensure that records remain a key resource in any organization, they must be kept in such a way that they can be located, retrieved, presented and interpreted for timely and effective decisions.

Target Group

Records and information Management Officers or their equivalents, charged with enhancing information systems which rely on well managed and accurate records both in national and county Government. These include officers working in Accounts, Stores,Registry, Personnel and the Library

Learning Objectives

The course is aimed at achieving the following objectives:
  • Review the principles of record Management
  • Equip delegates with requisites skills in computer applications and operations
  • Elaborate the role of senior managers in effective records keeping effectiveness.
  • Empower delegates with practical skills in using the Integrated Records Management System.
  • Equip the public sector with the requisite skills for the realization of Kenya Vision 2030

Content Areas

The course will cover the following topics among others:
  • Introduction to Record Management
  • Filling and Maintenance of Records
  • Record Survey and Disposal
  • Security of records, disaster management, and ISO certification
  • Introduction to Computer Applications, including Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation and Database Management
  • Integrated Records Management System

Benefits of attending

The purpose of the course is to equip senior managers for a successful implementation of electronic records in their organization. The course will explore the role of senior managers in electronic records management implementation. The course will also explore the Integrated Records Management System.