Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar


An increasing number of people retire every year at different levels. Many of the retirees are not prepared for such a drastic change as they discover that the pension is inadequate. The employer, in addition to catering for the employees’ retirement benefits should sensitize them on the need to prepare for retirement early in their careers.

Target Group

Officers who desire an early start in preparing for retirement or who intend to leave formal employment.

Learning Objectives

On completion, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify factors that affect the quality of life after retirement
  • Determine their financial requirements at retirement
  • Determine their investment opportunities to provide for them
  • Use appropriate strategies to manage stress
  • Apply techniques for better time utilization

Content Areas

The concept of customer care preparing for retirement

Benefits of attending

Participants will be sensitized to proactively and strategically plan for their retirement needs. The greatest challenge at retirement is in the area of financial requirements. With early preparations, it is possible to make the necessary provision to meet financial requirements at retirement.