Strategic negotiation Skills Course


The purpose of the course is to equip participants with knowledge and skills in the art of negotiation in order for them to be more effective in handling the frequent conflicts resulting from negotiations that confront top managers. The course treats negotiation as a complex process that requires the successful practitioner to develop and utilize a unique blend of perceptual, analytical, and interpersonal skills.

Target Group

The Course targets senior and mid-level managers in public and private institution. Officers and Managers working in trade related areas, international and regional affairs, labor relation, procurement etc. will find practical skills to improve their job performance by attending this course.

Learning Objectives

On completion, the participants should be able to:

  • Discuss factors that aggravate or moderate the expression of negotiations in organisations
  • Differentiate between negotiation on one hand and mediation and arbitration on the other and the circumstances under which each may apply
  • Discuss the dynamics of power and role-taking processes in negotiation situations
  • Explain the structure of negotiations
  • Develop strategies and tactics for successful negotiations
  • Apply negotiations skills to enhance the output of negotiations in their organisation and
  • Discuss the legal issues in negotiating agreements.
  • Use acquired techniques to manage the discussion and share interests to keep the negotiation meeting moving to an agreement or batna.

Content Areas

The course will cover the following content areas.

  • Concepts & rationale of strategic negotiation;
  • Cross-cultural factors in strategic negotiations;
  • Interpersonal relations in the workplace;
  • How to devise a negotiation strategy (8-step process)
  • Techniques to keep negotiation meetings moving
  • Factors that lead to bottlenecks in strategic negotiations.
  • The role of communication in managing negotiations
  • The structure of negotiations
  • Strategies and tactics for successful negotiations
  • The process of legalizing negotiated agreements
  • Dynamics of power and roles in negotiations

Benefits of attending

  • Participants are expected to have tuned their skills in negotiation to the extent that they will
  • engage in win-win negotiations.
  • Management Communication
  • Negotiation Skills Course