Fraud Investigation and Prevention Course


Organizations are concerned that forgeries and fraud is becoming increasingly complicated and rampart in the workplaces. These has led to loss of resources, weakening of the peoples trust in each other. Therefore this course entails equipping the participants with knowledge and skills to enable them become more proactive and productive in investigating, detecting and preventing fraud in their organizations.

Target Group

The course is suitable for senior managers in all sectors of the economy with a mission to detect and combat fraud e.g. internal auditors, accountants, law enforcement agents, procurement officers, administrative officers, lawyers, fraud managers.

Learning Objectives

On completion, participants should be able to:

  • Analyse the nature of frauds and forgeries
  • Discuss current trends in fraud, forgery, and corruption
  • Identify the various methods of reducing and preventing fraud, forgery, and corruption under the relevant act
  • Develop better ways on how to investigate and prosecute fraud, forgery and corruption cases successfully
  • Establish a better understanding of handling and treatment of evidence
  • Develop the administrative and managerial capabilities for effective and efficient performance
  • Prepare investigative reports

Content Areas

The course will address the following areas:

  • Nature and types of Frauds and forgeries
  • Detection of Frauds and forgeries
  • Investigating Frauds and forgeries
  • Evidence Act and Frauds
  • Scientific Examination of documents
  • Computer security, misuse and Fraud
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism
  • Auditing and Fraud Investigation
  • Corruption investigation and prevention
  • Prevention of Frauds and forgeries

Benefits of attending

Participating organization will have at their disposal Staff who are equipped with critical skills and knowledge and are exposed to modern techniques in detecting and investigating frauds. Fraud Investigation and Prevention.