Public Relations and Customer Care


An organization’s reputation and its perception by its public are vital for successful performance. This course is designed for those responsible in shaping organizations image and public perception or those looking to develop their understanding of the basic principles of public relations.

Target Group

Marketing and Customer Service Managers, Public Relations Officers, Front Line Managers/Officers and others responsible for shaping the image of their organizations.

Learning Objectives

On completion, the participants will benefit from:

  • Discuss the role of public relations in corporate performance
  • Identify the publics that interact with the organization
  • Discuss the importance of providing quality service (including information) to the organization’s
  • publics
  • Describe standards required; and
  • Apply Public Relations skills when interacting with the publics.

Content Areas

  • The role of Public Relations in the organization
  • Types of organizational publics
  • Service provision to publics
  • Public Relations skills
  • Mastering difficult Public Relations skills
  • Public relations surveys
  • The challenges facing public relations in organizations

Benefits of attending

By the end of this program, participants will acquire skills that will empower them to deal better with diverse publics.